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Wardrobe Re-vamp

You might like to take a look at Body Profile and Advanced Colour ( see left) before you set about this!

This is a great activity whether done on your own or with help. Why go shopping when it is possible the solution is already in your own wardrobe (1). Allow plenty of time and space.

Before you start, think (it might even help to write it down!) what you want to achieve.

I suggest you start by removing the pieces that you are keeping whatever! It is good to think about each one and decide why it has that high status. If we are thinking in sustainable terms these are the RETAIN set.

So the ones you wish to REDUCE will fit into another category and I personally find it helpful to go through this list for each one:

Repair – Refit – Remodel – Repurpose – and if all else fails Recycle.

For any that you waver about (retain or not) then try thinking, what will I wear it with and when will I wear it!

It might help to put each group ( eg remodel) into a separate labelled bag and then when the fancy takes you, you can choose one to work on.

So once the retained ones are back in the wardrobe on their own, take a look at them. What is missing, eg would a red cardigan be just the thing to help you make more use from a skirt , dress and trousers say.

So after asking yourself lots of questions you will be in a better position to know what to make (or buy!). You will be on the way to a more sustainable wardrobe.

Some ideas that might help:

There’s an example of a refit to a sleeve here

This shows some advantages of having a basic neutral jumper in the wardrobe

This is an example of a flexible cardigan which can give many different looks

Example of remodelling a skirt : blog of 1 Feb 16


(1)    I mean ALL the clothes and accessories you have – even if they are in two rooms or two houses even!




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