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rigid heddle


Rigid Heddle Loom

The advantages to me of the rigid heddle loom are:
More straightforward 'warping to start weaving' process
Ability to use fancy yarns and thicker 'knitting' yarns
The portability ( I can fold the loom up with the weaving in it, put it in a bag, over my shoulder and off I go)


Weaving a scarf on my Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom. Notice how open the fabric is during weaving. Once it is off the loom and washed it will close up considerably but still have good drape.

I have a stand for the loom so can weave while being sociable or keeping half an eye on the TV



You can obtain many beautiful textures on a rigid heddle loom using hand manipulation and pick up sticks. This 'velvet' one uses pick up sticks and knitting needles. This is part of a sampler for a workshop I teach.



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