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Although I am now retired I will always be a textile designer-maker who is also a qualified teacher and professional image consultant.
My creative time is spent between teaching eg. natural dyeing; advising on personal colour and style and making - usually couture pieces and writing.
I am passionate about what I do and encourage others to enjoy the process of producing and wearing garments and accessories that show individual creativity and skill and can be enjoyed for many years.

Use the list on the left for more of what I do and check my blog for stories behind the items I make.

I often get asked questions like :
Can you shorten this cardigan
Can you knit me a jumper
Can you spin this fleece for me etc etc
The answer is yes BUT life is too short and I do these things for myself! However, if time allows, I can teach individuals, run workshops, demonstrate and give presentations so that you can learn how to do these things - that way you will gain far more.

You can see a couple of examples by following the links below

How a man's vintage Harris Tweed jacket was reconstructed here minor remodelling!

How a 'bought' stretch jersey top led to making a 'block' for a top

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