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More about Janet

First and foremost I am an experienced teacher, qualified at Master’s Level and have taught, led workshops, given presentations and been an author for many years. My teaching has been recognised at a national level. My aim is always to inspire my tutees, to provide them with sufficient ‘hands on’ experience coupled with the knowledge to become highly skilled. Afterwards, I have found students to be sufficiently motivated to want to continue. I am at the end of an email if needed.

Although my main career was devoted to science I always had a parallel 'other life' devoted to all things textile. In pursuit of this I was fortunate to be able to train in colour analysis and style (for both women and men) as well as make-up. Forever a perfectionist wanting the very best for my clients I undertook further training to reach an advanced level. I then worked to the exacting standards of the Federation of Image Professionals International and enjoyed many years of seeing clients become really confident in their dress and themselves.

I am also a couture dressmaker and knitter – using hand and machine techniques. I am a spinner, dyer and weaver. I design and make my own yarns, fabrics and clothes & accessories from them. I am experienced in altering bought clothing as well as making garments from scratch.

Now I am now retired and living back in Norfolk, I can devote more of my time to my passions of textiles and style.

If I had one special tip to pass on it would be: aim to spend at least as long on the planning and the finishing as the making. Try it and see the difference it makes.

 Janet Major M Phil FRSA



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