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A classic jumper for a man

Well, this one ticks all the obvious boxes:

·         Fits well

·         Correct depth neckline

·         Desired colour

·         100% wool

From a knitter’s point of view plain is not always simple. There is no where for the eye to look only at examining every detail. SO, the details that show matter; the devil is very much in the detail

Here are 3 way of the ways that I ensure this sort of jumper is of the highest standard I can manage. (I have not included ‘invisible should line’ as this is likely to be the topic of a future ‘blog’ post.)

A neat fashioned decrease at the armholes      A neckline that fits the person and gives a great finish 


An invisible join – for  main stocking stitch  seams and the rib ( harder to achieve!)


 None of these are quick to achieve but are really worth it in my opinion.



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