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Machine Knitting

Machine Knitting is a very misunderstood and underrated skill, in my view. It is not just a machine doing the knitting for you. Does anyone think a sewing machine does the sewing for you? A knitting machine is a marvellous thing. Along with my sewing machine it allows me to make most of the clothes i wear. But a sewing machine is more complicated than a knitting machine when one considers the different textures that are made at the same time as shaping the garment to fit.

When do I choose machine knitting over hand knitting? Usually if I want a very neat finish eg in stocking stitch as a machine gives a very professional finish; or of course if I want one of the textures that can only be found on a knitting machine

I approach making a machine knitting garment as I do hand knitting (see here) and know that I will spend much time in planning and finishing.

This design is one of my favourites for a cowl. I have knitted them in many colours but this colour is also my favourite. This stitch could not be done by hand.


The knitting machine is also excellent for producing Fair Isle such as this. There are several different hues in this jumper and it was quite challenging making sure the correct colour was knitting for the correct row. Also planning was needed to get the sleeves tops to match up. this is a 'set in' sleeve jumper and many Fair Isle jumpers have dropped shoulder sleeve lines, which do not give such a good fit. The neckline is done by 'cut and sew' which gives a very professional finish. The wool is Shetland wool from Shetland.



Some more examples here:

A machine knit 'basic' cream ladies jumper  , a classic jumper for a man, a top in Grigna

 I am a member of the Guild of Machine Knitters and you can find out more about us at:



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