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Finger Pincushion
MK Grigna top
man's jumper
classic jumper


'Basic' Cream Machine Knit Jumper

This shows a basic shape that follows my bodice block shape, machine knitted in 100% merino wool. This jumper is a real wardrobe staple and the neckline can be altered with a range of accessories - links to these later.

There are many advantages to knitting your own jumper (for example) . Two key ones for me are that it will fit perfectly & be the colour I want. It can be as basic a shape or as detailed as you would like and just, if not more important, it will be in the fibre you want. So you can have a 100% wooljumper, with all the many advantages that gives.

I have included some images of details that are important to me. If I am making something I want it to be special! 

hand finished neckline                                   pinning the sleeve to get a perfect line


The lace  cowl shown on the main machine knitting page goes well with this. see blog of 27 Feb 13 to 6 Mar 13 to see 3 examples of changing this neckline.


My Grigna top


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