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Little Moreton Hall Yarn

I designed this yarn in 2011 because I was inspired by this wonderful building, we were fortunate at the time for it to be our nearest National Trust property. It is one of my favourite yarns.

The fleece is from Bluefaced Leicester-Swaledale Cross (termed a mule).

I naturally dyed batches of fleece as follows:

Elder and logwood to give the grey

Meadowsweet to give mustard yellow - this one was by solar dyeing

Sorrrel to give paler yellow -  by solar dyeing too

I also used some of the natural white coloured fleece

This shows blending on the drum carder using the approximate proportions of colours as in the photo- the yellow lichen is just about visible on the lower tiled roof below the windows of the long gallery

I used this blended yarn to spin a thick and thin slub yarn, which is shown here on the bobbin. For the second ply I spun the elder and logwood to give a finer even yarn. These 2 singles were plied together to give the 2 ply yarn of these skeins

i i

Close up of the yarn ( my favourite image!)

This yarn would look lovely as a fancy yarn in weaving but I am still enjoying just looking ( and feeling) the skeins.





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