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Hand Knitting

Even doing most of my knitting by machine I still enjoy hand knitting, particularly when I can use my own hand spun yarn.

Hand Knitting in my opinion are particularly good for fancy yarn, highly textured articles, very fine lace and non -flat work i( eg knitting in the round) in particular. I would call all these special knitting.

Some examples of my hand knitting:

This is a hat with quite a story. The yarn is hand spun and then naturally dyed. The inspiration for the hat was Horsey beach - the photo shown here. It also doubles up as a cowl. (more on my blog 17 Feb 2016)

This bag is called the Alchemilla bag! it was inspired by a plant in my garden, when we lived in Cheshire. It includes both hand spun and hand dyed yarns as well as fancy yarns that tie in well. I do have a pair of matching fingerless gloves. Both were my own design


This is a fan that I designed. It is knit in Shetland cobweb yarn. Fun to do but I don't think there will be another!


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