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Finger Pincushion
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Finger Pincushion

This is a great little addition to the sewing box, so useful when blocking knitwear and sewing up!

To make one you need:

Metal or Plastic lid of wine or glass fruit juice bottle
4 ply yarn – about 10 yard /metres – try and bring a colour that you love!

Knitting Needles - size 12ish

Fabric for the top – plain is better – fairly thin: silk, cotton – 20cm square to match your yarn should be enough

Padding- 2 cotton wool balls
Scissors  to cut the for fabric
Sewing thread  & needle – it won’t be seen so don’t worry if it doesn’t match the fabric

Needle that you can use for the yarn as well
Elastic – to make the finger loop ( 3-5mm) about 10 cm
Ribbon – optional – again very narrow 3-5 mm 36 cm


Keep looking here I hope to add some photos.



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