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Fine Spinning

One, if not the, most favourite types of spinning to me if fine spinning.

This example is from a few years ago. I designed the bag for an exhibition at Little Moreton Hall which is a fine building which shouts Tudor at you. I took as inspiration a dress of Elizabeth I but spun the lace weight yarn from recycled plastic bottles. It is a 2 ply yarn. I really like the idea that waste plastic bottles can be made into lace like this. The lining and handle are of silk which I have dyed blue with an acid dye ( see dyeing page). Could you have guessed the origin of the yarn?


Since then I have had more fine lace tuition in Shetland and this means that the yarn in the bag above feels quite thick to me.

This is my finest yarn to date. it is spun from fine unwashed Shetland Fleece from Jamieson and Smith in Lerwick. I have measured it with a micrometer ( using a microscope ) and it is 0.15mm in diameter. The disc of yarn contains 4.5g of yarn and the length is 171m. i do get asked if the yarn breaks easily. The answer is no, it is quite strong. When I have spun a skein I wash it and weight it with a small knitting machine weight - turning the skein every 6 hours or so. This ensures they yarn has the twist set and can be used in lace knitting. (The Alpaca bookmark on the Knitting Page is from yarn which is not much wider in diameter.


On fleece can last me a long time. It was not unusual in Shetland for sisters to work together in the past on a fine lace project. One would spin and the other would knit. I can understand why!


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