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Fine Felt

Cobweb Felt
This can be used to make very delicate scarves. It's good if you have a lot of working space for this. The skill in making these scarves is knowing when to stop felting! They can look very professional and just the accessory you can make to co-ordinate with clothing.

Vertical yarns were added to the merino and silk base and then felted in gently.

Nuno Felt
I prefer to use silk as the base, although many fabrics can be used.

This green top began life as a teaching sample for a workshop. It is even more special to me as I have added machine knit edgings from a designer ( sadly no longer with us) called Audrey Palmer.

I like to make Nuno felt where the silk shows through and is part of the finished effect. This small sampler scarf is the result of several 'what if' questions to myself.



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