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Fancy Spinning

This is sometimes called Art Yarn. There are all sorts of ways to spin yarn like this. These are just some of my samples. The merino at the top of the display will give you an indication of how the yarns mainly started - dyed merino tops. The yarn in the skein at the bottom is my Little Moreton Hall Yarn and the dyed components I dyed myself. It started life with me as a fleece of Blue Faced Leicester Swaledale cross sheep.  These were overwintered near to where we lived in Cheshire.


This is part of a silk scarf. I have used one of my fancy yarns and machine knitted it in to the fabric of the scarf by a type of weaving. The weaving was done with the scarf turned sideways from this picture. I like to use more than one of my different textile methods, and I believe there is another in this - I dyed the mossy green part of the yarn!



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