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Couture Dressmaking

It seems I was born with a needle in my hand! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sew. My mother had always sewn and therefore so did I. I am very grateful to her for that.

Although I am of the age when I could not do sewing as an exam option – instead ‘having’ to do three sciences. At the time I didn’t rate the choice made for me by the school. However, I have always sewn in my spare time and possibly enjoy it more as I don’t have to work to deadlines.

Looking back over the years the following have had the biggest impact on my dressmaking:

Learning to draft a pattern to fit myself

Tailoring training

Colour, Style and Image Training

Making my own body duplicate

Some of my dressmaking:

This is my favourite coat. I love the Welsh Woollen Tweed material but I absolutely love the silk lining. More about this on my blog of 1 Feb 2012

 This is the second jacket from this pattern. I have used two skirt lengths from Linton Tweed in Carlisle, another of my favourite fabric places. I have now made a matching dress - which will be on my blog soon.                                                             



Why have a boring zip tab when you can add some beads? The hearts give me joy each time I wear the skirt.                           



There are many wonderful things about sewing your own garments. You can:

Ensure that the fabric, style and colour suit your body

Choose the fabric you like for the style you like

Personalise your garment with additional details

Have quality garments at a fraction of shop prices

Make accessories that co-ordinate with outfits

Know that you will never suffer the embarrassment of meeting the same outfit!


In addition if you understand how to work with your body profile and colouring ( see list on left)

you can be confident that you know how to look the best you can.

Even if you don't want to sew whole garments you will be able to alter ready made items to fit you better and and also personalise them.

My most treasured dressmaking aid: There have to be three: sewing machine, overlocker AND my hand made body duplicate

Best tip: When making a garment for the first time always make a trial ( called a toile) in a similar but cheaper fabric & use this to get the fit just right


I am gradually adding more of my pieces here and regularly blog about current projects

Individual or group teaching; demonstrations, talks,  presentations and workshops available


I belong to the Costume and Textile Association  ( in Norwich) and you can find out about us here:



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