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I enjoy the process of textile making and like my made items to tell a story (as in my home page) and using the jargon of the day - to show traceability.

Using my understanding of colour and style I continue to build a wardrobe (1) that is sustainable. I make many (most?) of my own clothes and this allows me to know their background. If I have not woven the fabric, I can buy from sources I respect. For knitwear I can buy ( or spin) fibres from specific wool breeds. Added to that I enjoy dyeing ( mainly natural) using natural fibres using local dye sources- if not my garden then harvested by me.
Besides ensuring the finished items 'suit' and 'fit' me I can enjoy the thoughtful process of making quality and unique pieces. Thus SUSTAINABLE TEXTILES and SUSTAINABLE STYLING. If I like my clothes and they like me I will look after them and make sure they last.

I have long been a convert of 'Slow Textiles' (2) and developed my 7 Rs to a sustainable wardrobe:
and frequently refer to these.

This dress is one of my real favourites. it is made from silk  jersey from a mill in Bollington, Cheshire when we lived local to this. Due to the 'give in the fabric' I managed to do away with the need for a zip down the back. I have enough left to make a a top of the same - the cowl front is lovely to wear.


An example of a repurposed item. This started life as a linen chair back which my aunt had embroidered many years ago. I discovered it when clearing her house. I then embroidered some ‘matching’ blue bells on the back, lined it with purple silk and added the pearl buttons. It is nice to use each day. More about this can be found on my blog (7 March 14)

These are the result of a one day workshop I led on felt slipper making. Attendees did spend time after the day felting them further to get these super slippers/ I was very proud of them.


Throughout my website (and blog) I try and give a flavour of my passions for style and textiles and teaching about these. I hope you enjoy looking, The list on the left gives you a guide to the contents.

1. By 'wardrobe' I include accessories, necklaces, scarves, bags etc
2. For an original discussion of Slow Textiles see Elaine Lipson's manifesto

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