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Advanced Colour

We all have colours we like and we know that we look better wearing some colours than others, it’s good if what we like and what suits us matches.

If you have never thought about this deeply then it is worth trying the following but it will depend on what you have available. Get some plain blocks of colour- could be clothing or fabric and stand / sit in front of a mirror in good light – daylight is the best.  Try and wear a white top that won’t distract your eye. Take each colour block in turn and drape it over your shoulders, under your chin. You are looking not at the colour but the effect on your face. You are looking for the colours that make you look good. Your individual combination of hair colouring, eye colouring and skin colouring will work well with some colour, OK ish with some  and definitively not  OK with others. Work systematically and put the ones that are good on one side. Try and include black or a very dark grey – particularly look at their effect under your chin. Are they giving you a dark shadow? Hopefully you will have a good range of colours to try or perhaps you have got into a bit of a rut and only have a very limited colour range in your wardrobe.

Hopefully all your clothes / fabrics are making you look good but my guess is that some are not so flattering near your face, perhaps you can get away with wearing them on the lower half of your body and have something kinder to go near your face.

Being able to work with a range of colours that suit your own colouring is very much the icing on the cake in my opinion. The above activity is a little introduction and hopefully shows you how powerful colour be for you. If you have found the activity tricky then try looking at some photos of you, or others, wearing different colours. A word of warning don’t think say ‘I can’t wear red next to my face’ – there are many different versions of red eg from a warm orange red to a cool blue red, from a light delicate red to a very dark red, to a very soft red to a very clear bright red depending on which other colours have been mixed with the pure red dye.

I think this sums up colour in clothing nicely:

‘If line(1) is the intellectual quality of the dress, colour may be considered its emotional quality….the use of tone and tint ..suggest emotional qualities which cannot be conveyed in any other way’ (2)


 During a colour analysis consultation. (These colours are good.)

I am still adding more information here and I regularly blog about current projects.

Individual or group teaching; demonstrations, talks, presentations and workshops available.


(1) ‘line’ meaning style

(2) Women’s and children’s garment design by Hulme


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