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3 core dyes



Acid Dyeing

Although this does use synthetic dyes, if the calculations are done accurately all the dye is taken up by the fibre and the solution after dyeing will be colourless.
If it is an exact match you want for a protein fibre then using acid dyes will allow you to get an exact and repeatable colour. It is also good for getting dilutions of the same colour from pale to fully saturated and comes into its own when producing a rainbow skein- although careful calculations will work better than just throwing everything in! I like to think of acid dyeing as scientific dyeing and the more accurate you are the better the results.

This cobweb knit Shetland Lace shawl was dyed from natural coloured yarn. The dye concentration was calculated to  'go' with' my cardigan - link from the body profile page on the left.

The results of another group workshop. This time on acid dyeing. Some examples of rainbow dyeing can be seen at the top of the picture



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