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Machine Knit  Grigna top

This is the top that I began on Tony's course at Metropolitan.

It is knitted in Grigna - and the plan was to wear it with my favourite Harris Tweed skirt.

Plan accomplished but it is so versatile I want to wear it all the time. These are just 8 ways that I have worn it so far.

This is 'as knitted' plus...

I added detail to the side and shoulder seams with ribbon yarn during the construction. Also I added detail across the back neck and buttons on the back neck too - see later.


This one is fastening the fronts to the buttons on the neck and one of my favourite ways to wear this.

Crossing the sides over gives a very different look.

As I am quite slim (?!) it is possible for me to fasten at the side too. I made some matching button closures for this.

and this is how it looks from the front         

Or it can be fastened at the back:

  and at the front it looks like this    

I have made some matching corsage buttons, this is one view:

  or with a square corsage using the other shoulder 

and this is using a super scarf clip from Janna Hodson

so eight ways

I have still to explore the ties that I left underarm!

Thanks to Tony for such a great course - definitely got the creative machine knitting bug now.






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