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3 core dyes



Indigo, madder and weld

These are the three core natural dyes as they yield blue, red and yellow. They are also historical dyes and more about this, with particular reference to Norwich one of the main centres of dyeing in the past, is on my blog ( 14 May 16) or search under one of the dyes on the right of the page there.

This shows the colours obtained by participants during one of the workshops I have taught using indigo, madder and weld.

There is some information and images on indigo here

This is a page from my dyeing file - showing a few experiments with madder on different wool.

I like to use weld from a whole plant, then I know the story of it. However, sometimes this is not possible and it is necessary to use ' bought in weld'.


This page is interesting as I have noted the weld even got lighter when left in the dyepan to cool.  Weld is a good dye - fastness wise but why were the chips giving a light shade?
I love the effect on the silk on the second sample down - a lovely golden shine.

As always each sample leaves me with the thought  'what if' . Natural Dyeing is such a fascinating process.


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