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Natural Dyeing Workshops

Pr Fin


Sustainable, ethical style combined with spinning, dyeing, knitting, felt making, sewing and weaving with a creative teacher and image consultant.

One to one sessions, workshops and presentations.

From source to style, to find out more press here for the rest of the web site

Source to Style an example of the whole process!


The background shows Shetland sheep on Shetland. They produce yarn of amazingly fine quality. Notice that they naturally shed their fleece! (Unst in 2012)

Working round clockwise from the top left hand corner shows:

Shetland wool (from Shetland) used in making the material. (I have visited the mill where the yarn was spun)

My loom showing the fabric ready to be cut from the warp

The completed length of fabric having been fulled

The pattern pinned to the fabric prior to cutting out

The completed tailored skirt

An added design feature a vintage button at the top of the side vent





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